I love soccer. I love to play it. I love to watch it. Funny enough though, I would not consider myself a true soccer fan. I do not watch the Premier League or have a preference who wins Real Madrid vs. Barcelona. Quite honestly, I just do not have the time to watch soccer on TV (unless it is the US Women’s National Team- which is a completely different story #lovethem!!). But I love the World Cup because it takes place during the summer when I have tons of time to watch soccer.

And this year America watched too. Soccer used to be the sport looked down upon. “It’s too long. There is no scoring. All they do is flop and fake injuries. Give me real football!” But no, after Africa four years ago, people are really giving soccer a chance, and it is so good for the sport.

So what has changed? Clearly not the style of the game or the low scoring (with the exception of Brazil’s crushing defeat 7-1!!!!). And players are still flopping (*cough* Schweinsteiger). The answer is simple.


For those fans not interested in following possession, there was endless scrolling of memes, jokes, and highlights of whatever “real action” had just occurred. Luckily there was just enough random events like human biting, and the US team stayed alive long enough to keep tweets coming through the finals. Check out the stats from Twitter Data:

I, too, enjoy a good World Cup meme or play on words so I am proud to present:

Katie’s Top Tweets and Memes of the World Cup (in no particular order)

Christ the Redeemer Statue. Viewers everywhere enjoyed some very longggg clips of this beauty, which can later be assumed were used to cover up the streaking fan which thankfully Lebron Instagrammed for Twitter.

The Brazil Collapse.

I was particularly impressed by the cleverness of viewers as Germany absolutely pummeled Brazil’s chances of capturing the World Cup.

My personal favorite ↓ . I couldn’t stop laughing,

and finally…

Tim Howard is the man.

Nuff said.

#ThingsTimHowardCouldSave. Please click the link so you can fully enjoy all the memes.

The Suarez Bite.

Bonus Tweet:


Finally if you somehow did not realize the World Cup even happened, you want to watch this video.


Until next year #Women’sWorldCup2015.