After Notre Dame WBB camps ended, I flew straight out to Denver for a weeks vacation with my family. Instead of going to the shore like most families in our area, my family tries to hit all 50 states. All we need to do for a state to count is drive through it, but we have actually done an event in most of them.

Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 12.19.14 AM

Stop 1: Mount Rushmore

We headed up to Mount Rushmore around 6pm because we wanted to see the landmark in both daylight and at nighttime as they have a light show. For pure tourists like us though with interest in US History, 2.5 hours was plenty of time. We walked the paths that bring you closer under the mountain, took some classic photos, and toured the gift shop. We actually ended up skipping the light show because it was starting to rain and we wanted to sleep.

Stop 2: The Badlands

This place was unbelievably cool. When you drive up to the national park, you are surrounded by grass…


… then it becomes a canyon of rocks!!!


Overall very cool and definitely worth a visit.

Stop 3: Rocky Mountain National Park

Another fun outdoor adventure was our day trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. We drove up some mountains.

We saw some elk.

We drove down some mountains.

Then we realized we had to go all the way back through the park to get back to Denver. So we went up and down some more mountains. It was a fun day.

Stop 4: Denver

The last stop was to actually tour Denver. We spent 2 days here including the 4th of July. I am not a big city person, so this was not my favorite part. I thought it was a little sketchy although it might just have been because the parking lot for the Rockies was next to the Homeless Coalition. We kind of got bombarded for money the minute we stepped out of the car.

On another unfortunate note, I didn’t see Peyton Manning while we drove past the Broncos Stadium. I love Peyton Manning. Sadness.