I returned to ND for the rest of the month of June to work the women’s basketball camps. It was 3 weeks of alternating between the best and the longgggest days of my summer so far. My titles ranged from gopher to child wrangler and accountant to tshirt stacker. At one point while filling the coach and counselor camp folders, I found out I was promoted to Assistant Camp Director- imagine that hahaha!

Promotion what what!!

The 3 weeks are broken down into 5 three day camps. High school team camps started and ended the camp season. Imagine an AAU tournament on steroids. The other two managers and I spent our days joking around at the camp store selling t-shirts, watching World Cup games on my laptop, monitoring box lunches, and answering a ton of *interesting* questions. Then we ended our days joining all the campers in the dorms. The biggest crowd pleaser and my favorite event of the team camps is the Tip-off Tournament. Here all the teams gather in the main arena and play in a huge March Madness Bracket of single elimination where the first team to score wins. It’s a fast past and full of fun event where the best team does not always come out on top.

Games on games on games

After the first Team Camp,  the other two main managers Lizzy and Becca, and I had a three day break of hotel life. We stayed in Ivy Court located on the edge of campus across from the baseball and softball fields. It was the life. We woke up at 9am, ate the complimentary breakfast, and then went back to sleep until around noon. I think I watched more TV those three days then in the past 3 months. But looking back, I am extremely grateful for those days of sleep. (see more pics below)

The Individual Skills Camp and Ultimate Guard Camp were a lot more labor intensive. During these camps the three of us were in charge of around 250 girls grades 5th through 11th. Days started with wake-up and roll call in the at 7am. We walked the campers to and from meals, kept the counselors on schedule, and lost our voices keeping the clock for games and 3 point contests. In the dorms at night we sold pizza and candy and handled drama. After updating the camp bank, I was grateful to be in bed by 12:30am. On the bright side we were back in my dorm Lewis in the air conditioned rooms!

Ultimate Guard Camp- Cold Water Challenge

We also helped set up the Cold Water Challenge for our Assistant Coach Niele Ivey and some of the players who were also called out for the Cold Water Challenge.

Cold Water Challenge
A Katie screenshot thanks to my lovely mother.

There is not much to do in South Bend, and even less in the summer so we made our own fun. I probably visited every restaurant in the area. We abused our golf cart privileges- which by the way is going to make walking around campus in the fall a whole lot harder. We saw 22 Jump Street and accidentally discovered $5 all day any movie Tuesdays at the Mishawaka Theater. And when my best friend came down the last weekend to visit, we ventured off campus to a slightly sketchy park and had a bonfire (perspective is everything).