Recently, I was randomly thinking about stuff, and somehow Divergent popped into my brain.

Side note: Divergent is definitely worth a read if you liked The Hunger Games. Book 1 was enthralling, so I quickly moved onto Book 2. But I stopped reading halfway through Book 3, when the author decided to try and make a political statement and I hate that.

Anyway I ended up trying to name the things that would be in my fear landscape, and here is my list:

  1. Dogs
    • They frighten me.
  2. Being Helpless
    • This ones pretty broad. It covers being merely incapable to do something by myself to being stuck someplace without the strength to escape. Anything that is completely out of my control.
  3. Being Projectile Vomited on by a Drunk Person
    • You can't tell me this doesn't completely creep you out.
      You’re lying if you tell me this doesn’t completely creep you out.

4. Getting a Big Paper Cut from a Retracting Tape Measure

    • This was a slight issue in middle school when I was obsessed with Trading Spaces / Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and my career plan was to be an interior designer.
    • Self-Retracting-Tape-Measure-61696
    • I just see my fingers in the wrong place and then BAM MAJOR PAPER CUT

5. Disappointing People

Another Side Note: While writing this post, I watched the kid projectile vomit about a zillion times because there was not enough writing to scroll down. It was horrendous.