I am not a dog person. I will utter a convincing “awww” at a picture of your dog. I will wave at your dog if you are walking it on a leash… on the other side of town. But under no circumstances do I want it to touch me, lick me, or jump on me.


NOTE: I have nothing against dogs. I do not hate them nor do not want to hurt them. But personally, I would just like to avoid contact with them. And to be fair, it is not just dogs. I am not a big fan of any animals.

That aside, dogs are incredible creatures. Seriously, THEY UNDERSTAND ENGLISH! Can elephants do that? I don’t think so! Can humans understand dogs? Please contact me immediately if you know the difference between “woof woof” and “BARK.”

But dogs do! I mean yes it takes some training, but when we say “sit,” they sit. If we say “stay,” they stay.

I am impressed… at a distance.


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