So I watched the One Direction Movie for the first time this past weekend. I know, my bad, but let’s just put it out there that I don’t keep up on pop culture or quite frankly movies at all- before my freshmen year of college I had only been to a movie theater twice. Anyway, I know a lot of people have strong feelings about One Direction and I was pretty ambivalent going into the movie. This is what I knew about One Direction: British boy band, Harry Styles, What Makes You Beautiful, Best Song Ever, obsessive girl fans and lots of crying. A few girls on my club lax team at Notre Dame fell in that obsessive girl category, so I have spend many a 3 hour car ride listening to 1D songs. And yes, there is a Harry Style cutout that supports us at home games.





Overall, I thought the movie was extremely well done. It definitely made me like them or at least appreciate them for their success. I mean you have to admire that fact that they came from the middle of nowhere and created a name for themselves based on their own talent. Now they each have a net worth of about $30 million and can travel around the world doing something that they love. How many 20 or 21 year olds can put that on their resume?

While I still would not call myself a1D fan, I did listen to all their songs on Spotify after I finished the movie (see people, advertising does work). My 3 hour 1D lax jam sessions definitely paid off as I knew almost every song on the second album.


And I found my song for the summer… Happily. I have listened to it on repeat for hours. I now have a slight understanding for how my neighbors could play Timber every night, multiple times a night for an entire semester. Happily- just listen to it- 36 seconds in- you’re welcome.

Interesting tidbit: Before the movie I didn’t know that Liam existed, but in fact he does! And I decided that he is my favorite.

Interesting tidbit 2: Girl dorms at Notre Dame like to write inspirational chalk messages on the sidewalks for people taking big tests like the MCATs on the morning of the test. Now I actually understand these: