It’s my favorite time of the year again…Dorm Room Decorating!! I am super excited this year because I have 2 chances to decorate as I am switching rooms after Christmas break. I haven’t decided yet if I want two completely different designs or if I am just going to transfer everything down the hall.

As always I start with one main inspiration piece: freshman year it was the Polaroid heart, sophomore year was the black and white photo wall. This year it is an ombre chevron paint chip wall.

But not purple, definitely not purple. Most likely, I will pick some shade of blue like aqua. And I apologize ahead of time for a shortage of paint chips within the tri-state area. For the rest of the room, the furniture arrangement will mostly stay the same as I will have a loft in both rooms and the loft has to fill the open wall.

Tips for Freshmen:

  1. It’s ok to splurge a little freshmen year on useful big price items. I was a little afraid of how much I was spending, but my mom kept telling me to remember you are spreading out the cost over 3/4 years (if you take care of your stuff and pick things that can be reused). My four big purchases were an ~$100 mattress topper from Bed Bath and Beyond, the fridge (~$100), a Bed Bath and Beyond over-the-bed space saver (~$75), and a Target tower shelf (~$45).  I have also reused my bedding and plastic containers every year.
  2. Fridges and TVs can be overrated. I’m pretty sure the first thing everyone did when they found out their roommate was divy up who was buying the TV and who was buying the fridge. Quite honestly I almost never use either item. I use my laptop for watching TV shows or movies and since our dining hall food is pretty good, I just never really have anything to put in the fridge.
  3. Buy your stuff before or after the back to college peak. I started looking at the beginning of my senior year in high school in the fall when all the back-to-college stuff went on sale. My main two stores for shopping were Target and Bed Bath and Beyond, and both stores can be reasonably priced if you use your coupons and have a basic idea of when things go on sale.
  4. Think about how you are transporting your stuff to school. Do you have to fly or can you drive everything from home? Luckily I am able to pile everything into my mom’s big green Chevy Astro van and drive all my stuff to school. If you have to buy items at school, you might not be able to bargain shop as much.
  5. Remember to check out your school’s dorm system and talk to current students. I’m sure Notre Dame’s dorm system is absolutely nothing like a big state school or a school with a big sorority/fraternity presence.