I consider myself one who struggles in the style category. I would go for comfort over cute any day… seriously I live in sports bras and running shorts. But I do know looks and appearance play a huge role in life whether you want to believe it or not. And as this summer I got a my first summer-long job (I work for a temp agency so most of my jobs previously lasted around 2 weeks) in an office environment, I needed to get my act together. Then BAM! I stumbled over this pin on Pinterest, and decided to give it a shot with my own closet.

Luckily for me because I am fashionably challenged, I have always bought all my clothing in neutral/ocean tones: greens, blues, browns, blacks, cream, and gray. So I matched each item on the list with one similar in pattern and style that I own (plus a few extras to make it work and add a little more variety), and this is how it came out:



Sorry for the poor picture quality, but I did this at night (you know how you do nothing all day and then 1am seems the perfect time to reorganize your closet mhmmm?). Anyway here is a list of the clothes I picked starting from the upper left and working down the column.

1st Column

  • 1.   Khaki dress pants
  • 2.   Black dress pants
  • 3.   Floral Skirt
  • 4.   Black Pencil Skirt

2nd Column

  • 5.  Turquoise striped cardigan
  • 6.  Lime green cardigan
  • 7.  Light gray cardigan

3rd Column

  • 8.  Brown t-shirt
  • 9.  Turquoise patterned racerback
  • 10. Cream sleeveless button-down
  • 11. Lime green racerback
  • 12. Cream lace three-quarter top

4th Column

  • 13. Black floral sundress


  • 14. Black ballet flats
  • 15. Black heeled dress sandals
  • 16. Brown heeled dress sandals
  • 17. Brown sandals

And the 30 days of outfits:

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

Personally I think it came out very well. I definitely would have to add in some different outfits throughout the week, though. Some of the items do seem very repetitive. I mean I think you could add in the dress a few more times. Overall I made some outfits that I never would have paired on my own and isn’t that the whole point… making new outfits out of clothes you already have? I am trying to embrace a minimalist lifestyle slowly but surely. Even better, I like that I don’t have to think about what I am going to where the next day, sort of like a uniform – the Catholic school upbringing strikes again!! And it is definitely helpful for remembering what you wore and not repeating outfits too often.

Couldn’t help myself.




Dreams don’t work unless you do…


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